30 years of experience in construction and a great team of professionals support us.

Constructora Girona


We carry out all kinds of renovations, whether in flats, houses, premises or industrial buildings. Our specialists will be in charge of the whole process, from the design of 3D plans to the start-up and follow-up of the reform.

Constructora Girona

New Construction

We build new construction promotions at the best locations in Girona and neighborhoods. Check out the courses offers and visit our offices to see the plans for the possible home of your dreams.

Constructora Girona


With the Espígul Real Estate Premium services, real estate agency with exclusive and luxurious properties, we offer our exclusive houses and apartments, as well as plots where we can build your dream home.


What they say about us?

From the construction companies that you can trust with the tanks. Years of experience guarantee this family business, with knowledge of the product and advice at all times of the past you have to donate when buying a house or a rehabilitation without having to spend more money on the account. I personally have to do a complete restoration of premises in the city of Girona and I will let Espigul Real Estate provide it for me, simply because of the complete management of what they have and the peace of mind they transmit.

A construction company with years of experience, and that is a great value. Direct purchase of its products, given that it is a construction company with the possibility of modifying finishes to suit all its clients, and that its finishes are very up-to-date and modern. They offer a wide range of houses and flats in different areas of Girona city and surroundings.

I am happy with the company, because it has good quality finishes on its materials, a good sales service and a good deal.
It also has good operators to carry out its constructions.

A company with a lot of experience and seriousness. With a good team of workers.
Very good finishes, you can see their experience within this market.

As a supplier to Espígul we can say that they are an efficient, effective, productive and very professional company.
Thank you for letting us collaborate with you.

It has a professional team with many years of experience in the sector.
The relationship with the client is very good. Recommendable!

Empresa Constructora Girona