We Are The Reference Constructor To The Province Of Girona

More than 30 years of experience support us.


Our construction company has a multidisciplinary work team with extensive experience in the sector. In addition, all of them have more than 30 years of experience in the construction sector.


Our greatest strength is excellence and innovation, which is why we work with the best materials in the construction sector. We are a construction company that gives priority to the quality of our materials as well as the high quality of our work.


Our experience in the construction sector and the quality of all our projects positions us as the leading construction company in the province of Girona.


We build with awareness, so that we assess the needs and possibilities of the project and advise you on how to carry it out before it starts. The main objective is that our projects are adapted to the needs of the client, prioritising efficient architecture.


We design, design and build customised projects. From the beginning of the project to the delivery of the final product, you will be part of the whole process. Our team of professionals will assess you on finishes, materials and structure with the maximum professionalism.


Finally, the objective of our construction company is to comply with the quality guarantees in the first place, and according to that, with the price and finally, to comply with the delivery terms in order to establish a good relationship with our clients.